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Dog Training vs. Behaviour Modification

One-to-one training sessions

Does your dog:

  • Jump up on you or your guests?
  • Pull when on lead?
  • Not respond when called?
  • Have toilet training issues?
  • Have a lack of basic commands and obedience?
Dogs on lead

Many of these and other common issues faced by dog owners do not require a full behavioural programme. Training sessions take place in your own home and will typically last approx. two hours, depending on the issues faced. This session will cover your experiences so far with the particular issue, any methods you may have already tried, and will then begin to teach your dog the correct way to behave in the context of your issue. Dog training is not an ‘instant fix’, but after our session you will have seen the beginnings of progress and will have the tools to help your dog advance

Basic training sessions specifically tailored for new puppies are also available. These will cover the basics such as:

  • Housetraining
  • Socialisation
  • Basic obedience
  • Introducing lead walking

Also included will be discussions around topics such as teething, crate training, what toys to use, and any other queries you may have!

One-to-one behaviour sessions

Does your dog:

  • Behave aggressively towards other dogs or people?
  • Suffer from anxiety, phobias or act fearful in certain situations?
  • Practice separation related destructiveness or excessive barking?
  • Become stressed during car journeys?
Happy Dog

These and many other emotional problems, while potentially benefitting from increased training, can require a full behaviour modification plan. Behaviour sessions take place in your home and can take from two and a half to three hours depending on the behaviour in question and the case history. This session will consist of a fact finding session where a detailed history of the dog and the problem will be discussed along with other potential contributing factors. We will then begin to look at the implementation of the behaviour modification plan specific to you and your dog’s needs. Follow up sessions may be required based on the problem and these will be advised upon during the second session, along with updates to monitor and provide continuing support.

Many health related issues can be factors in changes to your dog’s behaviour. These can include neurological diseases, chronic pain (such as arthritis), thyroid problems, infections etc. For this reason a veterinary referral is required prior to a behaviour session to rule out any health related causes.

Following on from our behaviour session you will receive a written report summarising everything we covered and including all follow-on steps discussed.