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Lead Training Dog Walks

Incorrect lead walking can take many forms in dogs; lead grabbing, straining and pulling while walking, not engaging with their owner etc. These issues can all be fixed with calm, consistent and patient training. However, they do require time and consistent effort. The last thing you want to see happen is for you and your dog to be making great progress, only for it to be undone when you ‘just need to get a quick walk in’ before going out to work/shopping/sports etc. If your lead walk training is not consistent you could end up taking two steps forward and two steps back as your dog becomes confused as to what you are really asking them to do.

Our walks are conducted on a ‘one dog one handler’ basis in your area, in an environment that your dog is comfortable and familiar with. A time that is mutually agreeable will be discussed in advance so that you can get on with your busy schedule knowing that your dog will be getting the walks they need, and at the same time will be getting consistent training to walk correctly on lead.

For the purposes of proper training only one dog will be walked at a given time. If you own multiple dogs and you wish to have them all trained, then this will be charged per dog per hour. If, after several walks, your dogs have been proven to consistently walk correctly then the possibility of walking multiple dogs at a time can be discussed and a discounted rate applied.

The priority of these walks is the education of your dog. The amount of exercise they receive will be dependent on their walking skills and their beginning level. This will quickly increase as their learning progresses.

A bulk discount is available - block book five walks and receive a sixth for free!

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