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Here at Dog’s Life Training Academy we believe that training should be fun, for both pets and their owners. We use only evidence based, non-confrontational training methods to help remedy the issues faced by owners and their pets.

Our ultimate aim is to help dog owners improve the quality of life for them and their pets, allowing dog ownership to once again become a fun and rewarding experience for both dogs and owners.

Why use Dogs Life Training Academy

  • Non-Confrontational Training Methods
  • Programmes individually designed for your personal situations
  • Excellent value for money
  • Supportive aftercare


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Dog Training vs. Behaviour Modification

Does your dog jump up on you and your guests? Does your dog act aggressively towards people and/or dogs? Learn the difference between training and behaviour modification, and see which one may be more appropriate for you and your pet.

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Dog Bite Prevention

Many of the dog bite incidents in today’s society are unfortunately inflicted upon young children. The Be a Tree Programme is a US based initiative designed to teach children how to recognise basic dog body language and interact with dogs safely.

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Lead Training Dog Walks

Having difficulty walking your dog is an extremely common issue faced by many dog owners. Many people however do not have the consistent time needed to properly re-train their dogs. We offer a walking service which will focus on training your dog to walk properly on lead, while giving them the exercise they need.